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Interpower Induction Europe manufactures equipment for all types of annealing.

The precision of induction heating in these machines makes it an ideal technique for all annealing processes.

The aims of this process are to either soften material, induce ductility, improve machinabilty, improve cold working properties, and relieve internal stresses.


Controlled Atmospheres (Bright Annealing)

We also offer annealing under controlled atmosphere.  The high temperature may result in oxidation of the metals surface resulting in scale.  If scale must be avoided, the process should be carried out in a special atmosphere such as nitrogen gas.

Typical applications include:

  • • Tube: Copper, Steel, Stainless
  • • Shell neck and body (munitions)
  • • Threads of hardened components
  • • Welded seams
  • • Bar and wire
  • • Variety of automotive parts

Because of the range of frequencies, powers and time cycles that are used for annealing, it is important to seek expert advice.


Quenching is the process of cooling the heated metal at a rapid rate.  In ferrous alloys this will often produce a harder metal, while non ferrous alloys will usually become softer.  At Interpower Induction we have the expertise and experience to provide the best solution to your requirements.



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