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Strip and Multi-Strip Heating

Interpower Induction are manufacturers of Strip and multi-Strip Induction Heating lines for hardening, coating, bonding and annealing

Strip and Multi-Strip Heating

Using Interpower “POWER-LINK” range of medium and high frequency power supplies. These are all solid state units employing the latest “State of the Art” design in both power and control electronics.  The unit is specifically designed to operate in the harshest environments and will provide trouble free operation for many years to come.  The basic concept of the unit employs a special type of power transistor called and IGBT (Insulated Gate Bi-Polar Transistor) to allow absolute turn on and turn off even at high operating frequencies.  The ability to turn off these devices at any time during the operating cycle makes for one of the most reliable type of systems on the market today.


The heating coils are computer designed for maximum efficiency and even heating and are usually elliptical or ‘letter-box’ in shape. Provision for atmosphere feed can be included when required.

Interpower strip lines can incorporate processor controlled water quench systems, to ensure the correct temperature for each grade of steel, ensuring the optimum hardening and tempering for superior quality tempered products.


Control Systems

Interpower understand that the control system is one of the most important elements of a strip line, we offer Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC controls as standard and with Interpower’s HMI led menu system. This stores the specification requirements of each strip in your product range to ensure consistent and repeatable results every time.

Our skilled and experienced engineers can find a solutions for any customer requirements, for more information on our induction forge heating equipment, please call us on 01675 477700 or email