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Narrow Cut Log Saw

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Narrow Cut Log Saw

The Narrow Cut Log saw has been developed to improve recovery and offer fast return on investment.  Traditional log saws use large diameter blades, which generate a large volume of swarf.  This not only wastes metal but also is extremely bulky and difficult to compact.

Narrow Cut Log Saw

To overcome this the Narrow Cut Log Saw uses two blades to cut the log into billet.  One blade cuts from above and the other from below. Using two smaller diameter blades enables the use of thinner blades, which obviously reduces the cut width and thus improves recovery. Typically the blade kerf is 3mm (1/8”) wide for a 200mm (8”) diameter log.

Instead of the traditional segmental blades the Narrow Cut Log Saw uses hard tipped blades.  The swarf that is then  generated is much smaller, occupies less space and is easier to compact.

Using smaller blades also requires 60% less power to drive them than traditional log saws.  This makes the saw less expensive to run and helps offer the fast return on investment.

Narrow Cut Log Saw

The unique design allows for an excellent quality of cut for billet on billet.  The construction is simple and robust making for ease of maintenance and good reliability in today’s competitive market place.

The log is secured by a unique clamping system that has been developed to ensure that no movement of the log can occur during the cut cycle. The cycle time is nominally 15 seconds cut to cut. Varying log diameters can be handled without set up changes to the saw system.

Existing saw installations include log diameters of 6 – 8”, 7 – 9”, 10 – 12” and 8 – 16”.

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