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Induction Forge Heating

Welcome to Interpower Induction, one of the fastest growing induction heating companies in the world

Induction Forge Heating Equipment and Systems

Forge-Link™ is the Interpower designation for turnkey induction forge heating systems for billets, bars, tubes, pipe and slab, both ferrous and non ferrous, including bar heaters from 5 – 5,000 kW with frequencies from 50 Hz to 50 kHz.


We offer complete automation with auxiliary equipment including bin tippers, bowl feeders, step feeders, pinch roll drives conveyors, hot end handling, ancillary equipment, cooling systems including pump stations, input transformers and robots.


Interpower Induction manufacture and supply a broad range of induction billet heating systems for virtually all forge heating applications. Advantages of our Forge-Link™ induction billet heaters include:

• High efficiency
• Proven Design
• Reduced customer start up time
• Forge shop proven
• Excellent customer reference list


Interpower Induction offer a range of induction bar end heaters with different coil options to achieve the customer’s required through-put. Dependent on the range of components and the required productions rates, we can advise the best options for heating the component range.

Our skilled and experienced engineers can find a solutions for any customer requirements, for more information on our induction forge heating equipment, please call us on 01675 477700 or email