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Induction Tempered Spring Wire

Interpower Europe have the capability to manufacture induction tempered spring wire lines from 8 to 16mm

Induction Tempered Spring Wire

Our high speed Spring Wire Systems operate at line speeds up to 180 m/min, producing up to 3000 kg/hr and process most common materials like Carbon, Chrome Silicon and Chrome Vanadium steels.


Along with our specially selected material handling partners in Europe and the Far East we produce superior quality wire lines. From the robust and reliable material handling, Interpower’s state of the art induction power supplies, computer designed Induction coils and PLC controlled control systems, Interpower wire will give you some of the best tempered spring wire on the market with class leading surface finish and material strength.

Interpower’s pay-off and take-up systems along with the auto weld detect ensure that the line is designed to allow for continuous production. With proximity and encoders that monitor the pay off and throughout the line to ensure a constant speed whilst detecting wire breaks (normally from inadequate welds), the traversing systems incorporate encoders to ensure an even layering onto the take up for easy banding and an aesthetic and quality finished product. An Interpower Induction Spring Wire Line delivers maximum uptime with maximum efficiency and maximum product quality.

Control Systems

Interpower understands that the control system is one of the most important elements of a wire line, we offer Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC controls as standard and with Interpower’s HMI led menu system which stores the specification requirements of each wire in your product range to ensure consistent and repeatable results every time.

Interpower induction tempered spring wire lines incorporate processor controlled water quench systems. This is to ensure the correct temperature for each grade of steel, ensuring the optimum hardening and tempering for superior quality tempered spring steel.

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