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Service & Support

Interpower Induction offer a range of induction bar end heaters with different coil options to achieve the customer’s required through-put

Induction Billet Heater and Coil Repairs

Our facilities at Interpower Induction allow us to offer onsite manufacturing of new equipment as well as reliable, cost effective and quick turnaround induction billet heater and coil repairs and we undertake rebuilds of any type and make.

Specialising in forging and heat treating equipment, Interpower has developed proprietary coil designs with increased efficiency and longevity for the demanding standards of today and tomorrow. We also work closely with our customers to establish comprehensive service and maintenance programs.

Customer Service

Skilled staff with over 30 years of experience in induction heating, we are able to meet the requirements of a broad range of customers and offer unrivalled customer service and support.

To discuss any of your servicing requirements please call or email our customer service and support team on 01675 477700 or email