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Induction Billet Heating Systems

Welcome to Interpower Induction, one of the fastest growing induction heating companies in the world

Induction Billet Heating Systems​

Interpower Induction Europe manufacture and supply a broad range of induction billet heating systems for virtually all forge heating applications. Advantages of our Forge-Link™ induction billet heaters include:


• High efficiency
• Proven Design
• Reduced customer start up time
• Forge shop proven
• Excellent customer reference list
• Advanced PLC control, power & temperature control
• Quick release connections for both power & water
• World wide customer service support
• Reliable
• Heavy Duty Construction, for toughest forging conditions
• IGBT (Insulated Gate Bi-Polar Transistor) Design


We have developed a unique line of advanced induction forge heating equipment and accessories including our exclusive Zone Control™ technology for billet heating. Instead of one large power supply inverter with the output power distributed across an entire coil line, the large inverter is broken down into sections and each section is connected to a coil. Power is then managed to optimise the power usage across the line and permit advanced operational features. There are numerous benefits from Zone Control technology including energy savings, maximised efficiency and improved start-up time.

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