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Induction Mains Frequency

Welcome to Interpower Induction, one of the fastest growing induction heating companies in the world

Induction Mains Frequency

Our wide range of induction mains frequency equipment for the extrusion process is not limited to the usual aluminium, copper and brass materials. We also have process knowledge and experience in the induction heating for Titanium, Molybdenum and nickel alloys. This can be attained with both simple manual induction heating and a fully automated induction line.


In the modern extrusion market of today with more complicated shapes and profiles required. The quality of the heating process is so much more important to avoid deformation and cracking within the finished extruded component. Die life can also be extended by using correctly heated billets / logs which often required a profiled heat pattern and not a uniform heat

Material Handling

We have large experience in supplying the wide range of material handling, from the saw to loading correctly induction heating and then delivering the heated component to the extrusion press or drawn bench.

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