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Induction Heating Equipment
Zone Control™

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Induction Heating Equipment – Zone Control™

Interpower Europe have developed a unique line of advanced induction heating equipment and accessories including our exclusive Zone Control™ technology for billet heating.


Instead of one large power supply inverter with the output power distributed across an entire coil line, the large inverter is broken down into sections and each section is connected to a coil. Power is then managed to optimise the power usage across the line and permit advanced operational features.

There are many benefits from Zone Control™ technology, including energy savings from improved process control.  

Another advantage with Zone Control technology is that each individual coil has the same electrical / mechanical design.  This means any coil can work in any coil position.

Therefore, the customer only has to keep one individual coil module at any one given size as a spare instead of a complete coil line assembly.

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