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Electric Glass Furnace &
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Welcome to Interpower Induction, home of the finest electric glass furnaces on the market

Electric Glass Melting Furnaces

Interpower Induction have developed a range of electric glass melting furnaces to replace legacy gas fuelled equipment. These come in a range of sizes to cater for any size business, from a production environment to the artisan. 

Interpower Induction can modify the Raden base models to tailor them to best suit your needs, we will work with the customer to satisfy their requirements where ever this is possible.

Please see our range of Raden furnaces below.

Electric Glass Reheating Equipment

Interpower Induction have also developed the first electric powered reheating furnace for the glass industry under the brand Ego.

We have developed this to compliment our Raden range in conjunction with some of the glass industries leading figures.


Product Range

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Raden 50kg Electric Furnace

Raden 138kg Electric Furnace

Raden 205kg Electric Furnace

Raden 309kg Electric furnace

Our skilled and experienced engineers can find a solutions for any customer requirements, for more information on our electric glass furnace and reheating equipment, please call us on 01675 477700 or email