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Induction Heating Vessels / Batch Reactors

Welcome to Interpower Induction, one of the fastest growing induction heating companies in the world

Induction Heating Vessels / Batch Reactors

We have over 30 years experience in induction heating and have developed, designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned Vessel and Pipe Heating systems to many countries all over the world.


Due to the heating system being naturally simple and very reliable, the option of heating by induction should be regarded as the preferred choice.

Induction heating embodies all the conveniences of electricity taken direct to the process and transformed to heat exactly where it is required. It can be applied successfully to virtually any vessel or pipe system needing a source of heat.

Induction offers many benefits unobtainable by other means and gives improved plant production efficiency and better operating conditions since there is no significant emission of heat to the surroundings. The system is particularly suitable for close control reaction processes such as the production of synthetic resins in a Hazard Area.

As each induction heating vessel is bespoke to each customers specific needs and requirements, we offer varying sizes with differing heat up rates. Our engineers have had many years of experience in evolving custom built induction heating systems for a wide range of applications in a wide range of industries. Heaters are designed to suit the precise requirements of the process and are constructed for quick fitting onto the vessel either in our works or on site.

For further information about batch reactors / vessel heaters, please email us at or call 01675 470551.