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Coatings, Bonding (De-bonding) and curing

Interpower Europe manufacture highly productive, compact coatings systems. These systems improve safety and space in the working environment. The rapid, controlled heat from induction is suited to inline curing and drying of coatings.

Applications include:

  • • Pre/post heat for curing fusion-bonded epoxy on pipe and rebar
  • • Hem bonding and attaching heat activated seals
  • Coatings of fasteners with nylon, Teflon, plastisol, paint, chemical, etc
  • • Preheat for extrusion and injection of polyethylene jacket material
  • • De-bonding of rubber materials

Advantages using Interpower Induction technology includes:

  • • Localized heating
  • • Fast heating
  • • Heating of moving components
  • • Accurate temperature control
  • • Repeatability

We have wide range of induction heating equipment for the coatings market.  This includes experience in both on-shore and off-shore Induction heating of pipes for the gas and oil industry for use with FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) 3LPE or 3LlPP (Polyethylene) coating materials.  The pipe requires induction heating so when the epoxy powder is sprayed onto the pipe the epoxy will melt and bond to the pipe.  This acts as an adhesive then allows for the top coat to be applied to the pipe. The coating is used for both anti corrosion and to retain the temperature to the product within the pipe. Interpower Induction Europe design and supply equipment for all specialized applications.

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