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Heat Treatment Equipment

Interpower Europe Ltd manufacture equipment and full lines for most Heat Treatment Processes.


annealingThe process of Annealing is used to either soften material, induce ductility, improve machinabilty, improve cold working properties, or relieve internal stresses.  Interpower Europe Ltd manufacture the equipment for all variants of Annealing.  Our range of precision Induction Heating in our equipment makes it perfect for all Annealing processes even within controlled atmospheres.

Coating, Bonding/De-Bonding & Curings


Interpower Europe Ltd manufacture highly productive, compact coating systems.  Our systems improve safety and space in the working environment.  The controlled induction heating is perfect for inline curing and drying of coatings.

We design and supply a wide range of induction heating equipment for the coatings market and all specialised applications.


Quenching Systems

Quenching is the process of the rapid cooling of materials to obtain specific material properties.   In ferrous alloys this will produce a harder metal, whereas in ferrous alloys it will become a softer metal. Interpower Europe Ltd have the expertise and experience to provide the best solution to your requirements.

Bar and tube heat treatment and temper line

Bar Bundle Feeder

Interpower Europe Ltd as design and supply complete lines of induction heating equipment for bar and tube heat treatment and temper lines.

Typically the bars / tubes are used by the customer in the bundle format.  We have the design and experience capability to manufacture equipment to accept the bundles, take the parts through an unscramble system onto a bar rack.  They would then load onto the inline drive system which rotates the part through the induction coil heating system and the quench tank before proceeding onto the temper induction line.  After the bars exit the tempering coils, they are transferred to a cooling rack.

Interpower Europe have also supplied other heat treatment equipment such as forging, brazing, bending, coining, crystal growing, densification and sintering.

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