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Induction Heat Treatment

Interpower manufactures equipment and full lines for most Heat Treatment Processes.

We have designed and supplied complete lines of induction heating equipment for bar and tube heat treatment and temper lines. Typically the bars/tubes are used by the customer in the bundle format.   We have the design capability and experience to manufacture equipment to accept the bundles, take the parts through the unscramble system and onto a bar rack.  Then the bars would load onto the inline drive system which rotates the part through the induction coil heating system and into the quench tank before proceeding onto the temper induction line.  After the bars exit the tempering coils, they are transferred to a cooling rack.

Interpower Induction offer a range of Induction Bar End Heaters with different coil options to achieve the customer’s required through-put. Dependent on the range of components and the required productions rates, we can advise the best options for heating the component range.

For more information on Interpower’s Induction Heat Treatment Equipment please call 01675 477700 or email