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INGOTECH Engineering Ltd, known since 1987, for its world class and innovative ingot casting equipment, has been acquired by Melting Solutions.

The company will continue under the direction of Mark Taylor as Managing Director; supported by Clive Hall as Sales Director and with senior consultant John Taylor, continuing in his role as Mentor. This will bring a depth of unrivalled industry experience to the company, from when the first INGOTECH casting machine was commissioned thirty years ago.

INGOTECH casting technologies covers all kinds of foundry ingot casting machines. These include sow casting lines, de-oxidant production and a huge range of dross / sow moulds. Over the last decade the company has pioneered one of the best liquid metal casting methods, virtually eliminating metal turbulence in the ingot. This breakthrough in casting excellence and consistency of ingot, opened the way to the development of highly automated ingot stacking and packaging systems, based on robotic technology.
Today more than ten automated lines are in operation, with new lines coming on stream during 2017.

The INGOTECH products and expertise, are a great fit for Melting Solutions, and we are delighted that this acquisition has taken place

Interpower Group Managing Director Doug Rankin

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