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The SIGN-LINK™ Coil Signature Monitor

The SIGN-LINK™ Coil Signature Monitors are specifially designed for induction heat-treating operations. They record and store the heat pattern for thousands of parts to support ISO, QC and SPC requirements.

The SIGN-LINK™ Coil Signature Monitor system allows monitoring of power, amperage, voltage, quench temperature, quench flow and part rotations. Built-in capabilities which enhance the flexibility of the system include a linking feature that allows multiple profiles, such as hardening and tempering, to be evalutated during a single cycle; signature repeat which allows evaluation of the same signature repeatedly in continuous applications, like tube welding and annealing as well as dead-banding to allow non-critical segments of heat cycle to be ignored.

The fully compatible SIGN-LINK™ Coil Signature Monitor

SIGN-LINK™ monitors are compatible with solid-state power supplies with single or multiple workstations, radio frequency power supplies and motor generators. It is a PC-based product with on-board program and part file storage, colour graphical operator interface, extremely fast processing speed and networking capability. There is a flashdrive for convenient storage and transfer of programs and data to any computer.

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